Aِbout Americademy

Americademy is a licensed international academy officially registered in the United States – California under the number C3981105. We provide post-graduate studies, professional diplomas and training courses through distance education. We have also built an electronic platform where anyone from anywhere in the world can acquire scientific and professional information, skills and expertise and use it in their field of work as well as help them obtain certified certificates from the US Department of State and International Embassies.

Professional Postgraduate studies System

Master- PhD

Ameriademy offers the most powerful distance learning and accreditation programs in the Arab world for professional postgraduate studies (professional master/ PhD), with the possibility of being approved by the US Department of State and by the US Embassy in the United States. The purpose is to provide students with access to high quality professional degrees anywhere in the world. These studies are supervised by a number of professional and highly experienced specialists and consultants in local and international institutions.

American Board of Accreditation and Quality

Trainers Accreditation Program

While the lives of others are lost in vain, only with us, you can invest your years of experience and achieve your goals.With us, you can save time and money and move forward in your career.This is the most powerful accreditation program for professional international coaches according to the American Board of Standards and Accreditation

The training packages accreditation

The American Academy offers its Certified Trainers the opportunity for their own training packages to be accredited by the Academy and published on its official website. The academy will also make sure to give credits to the trainer/trainers who worked on the making of the package.

Accreditation of institutes

One of the advantages offered by the American Board of Accreditation and Quality is the program of accreditation of centers, institutes and training facilities. Therefore, Americademy is working on a join cooperation with the accredited partner institutions to raise efficiency and provide expertise and accreditation according to the standards of the American Board.

Our Servieces

Our courses

We have several specialist courses ( Free & paid ) around the world In cooperation with accredited institutions according to the AMERICAN BOARD OF ACCREDITATION AND QUALITY , and you can study online and get Certified Certificates Of the US State Department

Translation services

 The Academy has a network of highly qualified certified translators with several years of experience. The purpose is to provide the best quality translation to the customers who choose one of our translation services, taking into consideration the quality and prices suitable for customers and companies.

The American Fellowship Program

The American Fellowship Program is a free service program offered by the Americademy to all its members and accredited institutions in any of its programs. The program’s purpose is to strengthen the continuous and effective communication between the management of the Academy and the members. 

Agents and Partners

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